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We invite you to the warm and bright breakfast room where we serve at the table for your comfort and to limit waste.

We offer 3 formulas to meet your different expectations.

Our cafe is a family cafe. Our teas are loose and prepared at the minute. We offer black tea (earl gray and breakfast), green tea (plain or with mint) and organic roïboos (plain, vanilla or chai flavors). For chocolate, we offer classic sweet or organic cocoa with no sugar. The bread and pastries (croissants and chocolate croissants) are fresh as we work with 2 bakeries nearby. The yogurts and milk are organic. The cheese is usually Comté and Emmental, both made from raw milk.

Formula 1 (2 euros) : hot drink of your choice on the spot or to take away.

Formula 2 (5 euros) – Classical : hot drink of your choice, orange juice, 1/2 baguette and condiments.

Formula 3 (9 euros) – Continental : formula 2 + plain organic yogurt , one pastrie of your choice and cheese.

To complete the anti-waste, we ask our guests upon arrival or the night before, their wishes to order only what is necessary. We come and see you during breakfast to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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